#10 Learning - 10 Things You Need As An Enterprise Scripter

Learning A commitment to lifelong learning and growth is applicable to all aspects of life but maybe nowhere else is its need more apparent than in the technology field. The technology landscape changes quickly and sometimes violently, you have to be prepared and ready to adapt. If you are not willing to change and adapt your skill set and methodologies to match the needs of the enterprise you will likely start making the unenviable shift from innovator to boat anchor! Read more →

#9 Scheduling - 10 Things You Need As An Enterprise Scripter

Scheduling This is a pretty simple one, but important to keep in mind and plan for. If you are going to be doing repeated or scheduled automation tasks you are going to need some form of scheduling engine and management to be able to do it at any scale at all. Depending on your size this could be accomplished as easily as using the windows task scheduler on a single server. Read more →

#8 Feedback - 10 Things You Need As An Enterprise Scripter

#8 Feedback There is no better way to improve your skills and expertise than by routine peer review and constant critical feedback. It is important to remove yourself from your own echo chamber and get real and relevant feedback on your code from others. Your code is rarely, if ever, perfect and could always benefit from a different and fresh set of eyes. In fact your code will benefit from as many different sets of eyes as possible. Read more →

#7 Testing - 10 Things You Need As An Enterprise Scripter

#7 Testing This is a fairly new concept to me and all the code testing work I have done in my life has been done in the last year and using Pester. And must say forcing myself to write pester tests for every piece of code I cut has made me a better coder. More on that later. There are many kinds of tests you can write for your code but the one that every piece of code should not be without is unit testing. Read more →

#6 Logging - 10 Things You Need As An Enterprise Scripter

#6 Logging Any enterprise level scripting environment is going to need an awesome logging system. Detailed and easily accessible logging will be very helpful for troubleshooting scripts or to enable basic or advanced monitoring on your automation jobs. Proper logging allows you to quickly and concisely show your value to the organization by the use of reporting or dashboards based on the information collected in your logs. It has to be Easy Read more →

#5 Continuous Integration - 10 Things You Need As An Enterprise Scripter

#5 Continuous Integration This is the fun stuff! The concept of Continuous integration is easy. Once you are done writing the code you want it to be deployed into production / QA as soon as possible in a automated fashion. You can also use the same automation that is deploying your code to first act as a gate keeper to ensure that all your defined standards are enforced and any code that is out of compliance with your defined standards is flagged and possibly rejected. Read more →

#4 Source Control - 10 Things You Need As An Enterprise Scripter

#4 Source Control Are you naming files like MyAwesomeScript_old.ps1 or MyAwesomeScript_081207.ps1? You are an excellent candidate for some form of source control for your code. Once you get into the habit of using source control you will feel naked scripting without it. The many benefits of proper source control include a clear audit log on who modified a script, when they did and preciely what was changed and most source control solutions also have built in tooling for peer review and access control. Read more →

#3 Standards - 10 Things You Need As An Enterprise Scripter

#3 Standards Having strictly adhered to standards allows for a faster onboarding process for new team members. Following standards is also very helpful for the times when other team members have to iterate on and improve an existing solution. There is already enough to think about when doing automation planning and coding work. Having well defined coding and documentation standards eliminates a lot of wasted time and energy having to sort through inconsistencies or locate missing artifacts. Read more →

#2 Enjoyment - 10 Things You Need As An Enterprise Scripter

#2 Enjoyment This is a simple one and applies to many more aspects of life than enterprise scripting. If you know from the onset that you are not going to enjoy this work, plan appropriately. Aka, find someone else to do it. If you don’t love it, you are going to have a challenging time consistently outputting high quality work. This work never ends, it’s a practice of constant iteration and improvement. Read more →

#1 Tooling - 10 Things You Need As An Enterpise Scripter

#1 Tooling The use of proper tooling is the first and most important step on your journey to enterprise level scripting. Proper tooling can save you time in development, help you design better solutions and most importantly show the value of your hard work to anyone who may be interested. I will break this down into two sections, Development Tooling and Project Tracking tooling. Development Tooling First and foremost get used to change. Read more →