My Windows 10 Experience [UPDATED]

Updated 5/22/2014 –

On a wim (pun intended) I decided to do an in place upgrade of Windows 8.1 on my Surface Pro 3. I used build 10074. Here are some things of note that I will share that I found interesting.

Windows Updates needs to work for the online installer –
I had to download the entire ISO and install from there. Downloading just the setup file and running the online installer did not work for me. This could be due to something with our software updates policy or my device in general though. It appears that this method uses software updates as the vehicle install Windows 10 and my software updates did not exactly work as expected. Before the update I wanted to apply the latest firmware for the Surface Pro 3 and tried to do so from Windows updates, this simply wasn’t working. The device would reboot but wouldn’t actually install the firmware or any updates. This of course isn’t Windows 10 related, but take note, Windows update should be fully functional if you want to use the online installer, otherwise just download the entire ISO file and run the setup from there.

All installed applications are lost during install –
You are warned during your upgrade that this will happen. And it really does happen. All desktop and modern applications are gone after the upgrade. Files are fine and oddly enough Internet Explorer history is retained, but it will not be applied to the Project Spartan browser. Be prepared to reinstall everything after the upgrade.

Cisco VPN was a problem for me [FIXED]
Luckily I had a copy of the Cisco Anyconnect 3.1.x VPN client available that I could reinstall after the upgrade, unfortunately it didn’t work. I tried all the fixes I could find on the internet and none of them worked for me. The registry key that I was told needed to be renamed kept reverting back the changes as soon as I authenticated. The cisco UI would state it was repairing right before this would happen, so it wouldn’t surprise me if my problem was environmental here. Still, super bummer. As I will have to roll back to windows 8.1 on my primary device.

[UPDATE] I used the 4.1.x AnyConnect adapter and changed the network adapter that the client creates. In my case “Ethernet Adapter #2” with a description of “Cisco AnyConnect blah blah blah” I changed the IP v4 settings for IP address and DNS from a static ip to dynamic and voila! VPN Connectivity. Sweeeeeeeet.

Project Spartan is cool –
A few problem webpages that have required the use of Chrome or Firefox in the past rendered without issue on Project Spartan. Sweet. I would love to be able to use one browser for everything. It seems silly to have to have all of the major browsers installed to get a good web browsing user experience.

Active Directory domain membership is maintained –
The workstation stayed on the domain without incident during the upgrade.