Pearson Vue reported the wrong test score

I took the 70-411 exam on August 27th and when finished I was informed I had failed. I am no stranger to failing these exams, I was disappointed but moved on. I did eventually pass the test. I actually passed it twice.

Looking at my score transcript I see that I actually passed the exam the first time. What the?!

I was notified I failed at the exam center, I was notified by microsoft learning via an email a week later that I had failed and I was able to use my second shot voucher (which is only available if you fail) to take the exam again. I was never notified that my score was recorded wrong or re-evaluated. I called Microsoft support and was told that Pearson Vue had an issue with evaluating exam scores for 2 tests from July 8th until early September. The 70-411 was one of these, I don’t know the other.

I was told Pearson Vue was supposed to have notified test takers of the issue and to have issued vouchers good for a free exam. I never got this notification! I spent a lot of time studying for this test when I didn't really have to. Just a heads up. If you are close on exam, don't trust the score.

Also, the actual bar graphs on the print out they gave me when I took the exam have not changed with the score report I can pull from the microsoft learning website. Only the actual score changed. So, if it the graphics show you were close to passing, maybe you did?

FAIL! The print out i was given at the test center upon completion of the exam. This is scan.

PASS! This is pulled from the microsoft learning website. The score changed at some point around Sept 24th and I was never notified. Same date, same exam, different score.