Standard Sealed Booster Format Rules

This format is something concocted by friends in order to keep costs low and the game competitive. It turned into something far more awesome than I would have ever imagined. The standard format makes for just amazing gameplay.

This is a sweet combination of limited, standard and sealed. This keeps costs under control and if you use a random color chooser when creating your decks it can be a great experience as you end up playing almost all of the color combinations over time and really can experience everything a particular block has to offer.

Deck and Card Set Rules
A minimum of 6 boosters packs in the current standard block is required to start building decks. You can add additional packs up to as many as the person who has the most packs in their collection. i.e. If Player A currently has 9 boosters worth of cards in their collection you can also use up to 9 boosters. This is not required though you can play with less.
These cards will be yours to use for deck building throughout the campaign. Keep them separate and safe.
A deck must consist of at least 40 cards.
Boosters are only to be opened and added to a player’s set of cards in the presence of other game players. Or with some forewarning. This rule is meant to prevent abuse, not prevent growth and entertainment.
Outside (non-sealed booster) cards cannot be added to a player’s set of cards. Cards can however be removed from the set. They are not allowed back, consider them exiled. This is impossible to enforce, so have some understanding and some honor.
Trading between game players is allowed. All trades should be announced to all players, this will not be enforced though.
Trades can only be for cards from existing player card sets and/or unopened boosters that will be opened and added to a players card set immediately upon completion of the trade. No cash for cards.
Card collections follow the standard ruleset. Only cards in the current standard block can be used.
Additional Booster Rules (Adding cards to your collection)
There are two ways to add boosters to your existing card set.

  • At the beginnign of a match each player can open an booster form a set that is currently in “standar” and add the cards to their collection.
  • You can add booster packs to your collection at any time as long as the booster you add will not make you have more total cards in your collection the all other players.
  • Match Rules
    A match is considered a best of 3 games. Standard Magic rules are used. The exception being the Vancouver mulligan rule will be used to determine mulligans. Update – As of Spring 2016, the Vancouver mulligan rule is the norm in sanctioned events.
    Optional Rules
    Choose your deck colors randomly before matches. Use this or a series of dice rolls. In the interest of time, this can be done in advance of matches.

    Send match results to official score keeper for historical archiving. Also include if any boosters were added to individual players card sets. Update – After playing for over a year now, we never do this.