Using Select-String to search ConfigMgr log files

Have you ever tried to track down why a deployed Application isn’t doing what you expected? So you start looking at all the various logs that may be appropriate while hunting for clues? I have found Select-String to be quite helpful at times as a starting point when gathering clues. In this case, I will search for an application CI Unique ID. You can just as easily do this by application name, deployment type name, CI name, Distribution Point, etc, etc.

  1. Find the CI Unique ID for the application or whatever you want to search for. AppCID

  2. From a PowerShell prompt, navigate to your logs folder. POSHCMLogs

  3. Run the following code

Select-String [PortionApplicationGUID] *.log</pre>


  1. Look at the output file you specified to see any occurrences of the GUID in all of the ConfigMgr log files. This can be useful to give you a starting point for troubleshooting.

Simple, yet powerful. Hope this helps.