Download Office 2016 Updates Easier

I am a firm believer of keeping your Office installation source fully patched. This can reduce your deployment time and increase security while improving the end user experience. I have written a simple script that downloads all required Office 2016 x86 software updates using a list of updates I have published and data pulled from ConfigMgr based on entries in that list. I have a previous blog post on how to do this using ConfigMgr to search for available software updates download them to a deployment package, remove any problem updates and then extract the MSP files. This works great, but I wanted to create a script that can do the same thing but with far fewer steps.

The script can be located here


All the software updates defined in this file must be synced with ConfigMgr software updates. i.e. you should see them under “All Software Updates” They don’t have to be downloaded or deployed though.

You need to run this script as a user who has permissions to ConfigMgr.

Internet access.

How it Works

This script will query ConfigMgr and determine the URL to download the updates cab file.

The cab files are downloaded and any MSP files are extracted.

The MSP files are named KBXXXXXXX-[GUID].msp and saved to wherever you specified with the StagingLocation variable. Why the GUID? Some of the cab files downloaded have multiple MSP files.

I will be updating this file semi regularly. Follow my GitHub repository notifications of when I update it or do it yourself and send me a pull request.

Update Office Source

Copy the files to your Office2016 Installation source\Updates folder.

If you are using ConfigMgr to deploy these updates refresh the content on deployment type(s) for your Office application.

If you want avoid this nonsense in the future start using Office 365 Click-to-Run.

Usage Example

.\Get-FBOffice2016Updates.ps1 -SiteServer cm01.domain.local -SiteCode PS1 -StagingLocation "c:\fs01"

Enjoy your nicely updated Office 2016 x86 installation source.

This is a very simple script that can be extended pretty easily for increase automation. I purposely made this as simple as possible.