Uninstall the OMS Agent

Just keeping this here for future use. This will remove the OMS client / Microsoft Management Agent. Cheers! $App = Get-WmiObject -Query 'select * from win32_product where ` IdentifyingNumber = "{742D699D-56EB-49CC-A04A-317DE01F31CD}"' $App.Uninstall() Read more →

Windows Update Analytics not syncing with ConfigMgr (1610 fast ring)

Problem After configuring ConfigMgr to integrate with Windows Update Analytics no data appears in the console after potentially days and days. Upon inspection the DMPDownloader.log has the following: OMS Upgrade Analytics are not enabled And the SMS_CLOUDCONNECTION.log: ERROR: Found exception Microsoft.ConfigurationManager.CommonBase.CMException: Worker assembly doesn't exist Microsoft.ConfigurationManager.CloudConnection.Telemetry, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35.~~ at Microsoft.ConfigurationManager.TaskExecutionManager.TaskExecution.Initialize (String componentName) ... Failed to initialize worker with error = Unknown error 0x80131500 Resolution After way too much troubleshooting I found my problem. Read more →