My Home Lab

A prerequisite read to this is here. Don Jones is a genius. Enough said. And a special shout out to @MeghNeupane for the initial hardware recommendation. Recently I transitioned professionally from internal IT to external customer facing IT. This is a much more fast paced and cutting edge field to be in and as such I determined it was time to take my home lab setup much more seriously. I simply needed a place to work on things on a whim that were not constrained in any such way. Read more →

Giving back to the community

I want to give a shout to all of those who have taken the time and energy to share content with the community. Be it a personal blog, forums contributions, or participation at a local user group. Without that powerful minority of people the technical (and most other professions) as a whole would be far less efficient. This is no small task as this profession is pretty demanding. It takes someone with serious commitment and passion to find the time outside of the normal hectic day to day to contribute to the community. Read more →

My Windows 10 Experience [UPDATED]

Updated 5/22/2014 – On a wim (pun intended) I decided to do an in place upgrade of Windows 8.1 on my Surface Pro 3. I used build 10074. Here are some things of note that I will share that I found interesting. Windows Updates needs to work for the online installer – I had to download the entire ISO and install from there. Downloading just the setup file and running the online installer did not work for me. Read more →